My name is Tomy Karaiskos. I am a Greek graphic designer / textile designer.

I have worked in various advertising agencies in Athens, Greece as an Art Director before starting working as a freelancer.

My work’s perspective changed when in 2011, I was chosen by Ralph Lauren’s Polo Jeans to be one of the 16 artists worldwide to do the artwork of an ArtStar, of the Polo Jeans Artstar Project. Few months later, I decided to start my own project, Tomy K due to my everlasting passion for creation.

I started out by experimenting with paper, creating paper artworks for personalized frames, in my private art space, where I am able to freely express my artistic visions. Soon I decided to expand the product categories and moved on to design fabrics for cushions, pouches, bags etc.

My biggest dream is for my brand to travel across the globe, entering the nicest interior design boutiques & houses. I long to share my creative passion with equally creative people, learn from the best and be able to reach the highest level in what I am proud to call my job.

After all, isn’t what we do “a work of art”?